The European Cocoa Industry needs a sustainable and consistent supply of cocoa beans with the quality attributes to meet our diverse requirements.

Various types of cocoa beans are needed to meet the demands of a complex market for chocolate and cocoa-derived products in which food safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness are key factors alongside consumer demands for taste and quality. We all need cocoa beans which will allow us to produce products that are wholesome and comply with European legislation and other international food safety standards.

CAOBISCO, ECA and FCC have supported the publication of 'Cocoa Beans: Chocolate & Cocoa Industry Quality Requirements' to help improve cocoa quality, including food safety aspects, by making relevant information more accessible. This guide is based on the BCCCA publication "Cocoa Beans: Chocolate Manufacturers' Quality Requirements" 4th Ed (1996), but has been fully revised and updated by Michelle End and Robin Dand, with a contribution from Darin Sukha and Ed Seguine, under the guidance of experts from the CQPWG. It brings together key information from a range of publications covering aspects of cocoa farming and post-harvest practices, food safety regulations and quality standards and provides linkages to sources of further details.

The project to revise, update and publish "Cocoa Beans: Chocolate & Cocoa Industry Quality Requirements" has been supported by financial contributions from the Joint Research Fund and in-kind contributions from CRA Ltd.